WINE SPECIAL: Verdicchio Classico FILODIVINO – Le Marche

light body, pleasant citrus notes accompanied by soft minerals, white flowers and peaches 11 | 15.5 | 44

Verdicchio, which has always been considered a variety local to Le Marche, has a long and mysterious history. One of its first records dates back to 410 AD when Alaric, King of the Visigoths, passed through the area of Castelli di Jesi and allegedly stocked up on a wine that gave his men “sanitatem et vigorem bellico,” meaning the health and vigor of war.

Known to mean “little green one,” Verdicchio is also known as trebbiano di Soave when grown in the north of Italy. It often combines with the more fragrant grape, Garganega, to make the wine of Soave.

The most common growing area is found in Castelli di Jesi in the heart of the Le Marche region. The Jesi were an ancient tribe and their “castelli” were hilltop towns (similar to castles but smaller) to which they would retreat when threatened.

Jesi is perfectly located for making crisp white wine in proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Russian winds come down to freshen these hills before hitting the Appenine Mountains, which divide the country down the middle like a spine, and allow for a cooler climate than most of Italy’s regions. DOC status was granted in 1968, and the regulations established the ‘Classica’ subzone, which lies to the right of the river Misa and includes San Marcello.

Wines made from pure Verdicchio are typically straw colored with pronounced green tinges. They have a correspondingly “green” aroma profile, leaning towards herbaceous notes and fresh apples. This is complemented by crisp acidity and a pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste reminiscent of toasted almonds. These characteristics make it an ideal match with regional seafood dishes such as Brodetto di Pesce, a rich seafood stew like bouillabaisse, or cheeses such as pecorino.

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Verdicchio

COLOR: Yellow straw hues

PALATE: light body, pleasant citrus notes accompanied by soft minerals, white flowers and peaches. The bouquet has intense notes of white flowers, such as acacia and chamomile, and fruits such as peach and banana. In the mouth, the pleasant citrus notes are accompanied by soft hints of minerals.

DRINKS LIKE: Pinot Grigio, Pinot Blanc, Grechetto

PAIRS WITH: Great aperitif wine; eggs, savory dishes, prosciutto. Enjoy it with our Prosciutto e Rucola pizza, Spaghetti alle Vongole, and Saute di Vongole.