medium – full body, fresh aromatics, ripe melon with a hint of almond, delicate and dry finish. 11 | 15.5 | 44.

Arneis is most commonly found in the hills of the Roero, located northwest of Alba. Often referred to as the “white Nebbiolo,” it grows in the heart of red wine country alongside Nebbiolo and Barbara. For that reason, it almost went the way of the dinosaurs! When you have to compete for growing space with some of the heaviest hitters in all of Italian wines, and you are challenging to grow, it’s a hard battle to win.

Arneis owes its existence, in part, to the efforts of one winemaker, Alfredo Currado of the Vietti family, who brought it back from scarcity. Known in Piemonte as “little rascal,” Arneis is regarded as a somewhat difficult variety to grow, but was once used to blend with Nebbiolo as a way of softening its tannic nature. Thanks to the revitalization, the grape went from two producers in the 1970s to multiple producers making more than one million gallons today.

Tenuta Fratelli Povero owns the Terre del Conte vineyard from which they obtain all the fruit necessary for the production of their Roero Arneis. The wine now ranks among the great D.O.C.G. whites of the Italian oenological tradition. As 6th generation producers, these “stewards of the earth” use little interference in the winemaking process. Their wines represent their truest expression of the varietal, at the will of the earth.

This wine is straw white in color with greenish reflections. It has an intense and fresh fragrance, with a dry and delicate flavor. Its main notes, which may depend on the year, are fresh hay, Pippin apple, almond and pineapple.

VARIETAL: 100% Arneis

PALATE: Medium–full body, fresh aromatics, ripe melon with a hint of almond, delicate and dry finish

DRINKS LIKE: French unoaked Chardonnay, Garganega, Chenin Blanc

PAIRS WITH: Caramelized onions on our Bianca, Tutta Bella, and Leonardo pizzas, as well as creamy dishes such as Cauliflower with Fennel pizza and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara.