Buon San Valentino

In Italy, St. Valentine’s Day is known as San Valentino, when lovers traditionally share a ‘bacio’ (Italian for kiss) in the form of the delicious Baci® Perugina®. This famous Italian chocolate-covered hazelnut candy is individually wrapped with a beautiful love message tucked inside the wrapper.

We’re sharing the love this Valentine’s Day at Tutta Bella with our traditional, authentic Neapolitan menu, a sweetheart themed Filomena’s Tiramisu for Two and a complimentary Baci Perugina chocolate at the conclusion of your romantic dinner (while supplies last).

Filomena’s Tiramisu

Ladyfinger, mascarpone cream, rum, Frangelico, shaved chocolate | serves two ~ $10

The Baci Perugina Story

Baci® Perugina® famous Italian chocolate-covered hazelnut candy

These divine dark chocolate shells stuffed with whipped chocolate and hazelnut were the invention of love-struck confectioner Luisa Spagnoli. In 1922, she used the sweet stuff to woo the object of her affection, Giovanni Biutoni, the heir to the Perugina chocolate factory throne.

Theirs was a forbidden love between manager and employee. To keep the relationship under wraps, she tucked little love notes into the Baci wrappers for Giovanni. Luisa’s love notes had so much staying power that today the company hugs each chocolate with a famous quote of love.

Every time someone reads a love note or takes a bite of Baci, Luisa and Giovanni’s romance lives on.

Fun Fact

Perugia is Seattle’s Italian sister city!