extra virgin olive oil, fresh mozzarella, roasted washington asparagus, onions, ham, pecorino romano

14.5 | 18.5

Spring is such a joyous season!

Finally, after braving a rainy winter that is full of various types of squash, root vegetables and hearty greens, we move into a plethora of bright, fresh, green produce!

To top it all off, we are incredibly fortunate to be in Washington state in the epicenter of a vegetable that indicates that spring has sprung—asparagus. And, our next pizza special, the Filomena, is a celebration of spring and highlights the amazing asparagus that grows in our back yard.

The Filomena starts with an extra virgin olive oil base. We top that with fresh mozzarella, ham, roasted onions, plenty of local asparagus and a dusting of pecorino romano before it gets blazed in our 800-degree ovens. So delicious!

The Filomena is only offered for a very short window each spring during the height of the asparagus season and will disappear on June 16 until next year.