Appleton estate rum, Cardamaro amaro, pineapple & lime juices, cinnamon syrup.  12.

Tropical juices and sunshine go hand in hand. Sweet, soft, and incredibly hydrating, the taste of pineapple can elicit thoughts of poolside tiki bars and sandy beaches. Fittingly, the area around Naples is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Come away with us as you sip on Cardamaro amaro and pineapple & lime juices mingled with cinnamon syrup.  Since the flavors of light juices such as pineapple can get lost in cocktails, the citric acid from the lime juice supercharges our cocktail and the touch of cinnamon creates complexity. Due to the viscosity and particle size of the suspended solids in pineapple juice, we’re also able to achieve a frothy, creamy visual presentation. Enjoy your Summer Abroad!