hendrick’s gin, becherovka, meyer lemon shrub, creme de violette, egg white 11.5

One of the benefits of traveling to Europe is the proximity of countries and the ease of moving from city to city. For example, if traveling to find the world’s best pizza in Italy, it might be worth a stopover in the Czech Republic. For a mere $24 USD, you can fly from Prague to Rome in under two hours. Not only is the Czech Republic the center of Europe, but it’s a cultural epicenter for beer, wine, and…Becherovka?

The Becherovka factory was built in 1807, when this herbaceous liquor was originally used for medicinal purposes as a cure for stomach illness. It became wildly popular, and people flocked from miles around to try this new ‘treatment.’ To this day it remains a 100% natural product without any chemical preservatives, artificial substances or emulsifiers.

We blend this unique liqueur with Hendrick’s Gin, house-made Meyer lemon shrub, and creamy egg white to create a cocktail that turns your casual stopover at Tutta Bella into a full-blown European experience.