tanqueray gin, luxardo maraschino liqueur, liquore strega, fresh squeezed lime juice 12

The original inception of this cocktail was named “The Last Word” and dates back to the Prohibition era. As far as we know, it was first served in the Detroit Athletic Club in the early 20s when bathtub gin was plentiful. As the story goes, a cherry liqueur, Green Chartreuse, and lime were added to cover up the flavors of the horrific homemade gins and The Last Word was born.

Besides a brief mention of the cocktail in Ted Saucier’s 1951 book “Bottoms Up!”, the cocktail fell into the realm of obscurity for decades. That was until 2004 when the legendary and acclaimed Seattle bartender Murray Stenson found a copy of Saucier’s book. Shortly thereafter, Stenson started serving The Last Word cocktail at Seattle’s Zig Zag Café. Instantly it became a cult classic as it swept not only the nation, but cocktail bars around the world. 

At Tutta Bella, we give the cocktail an Italian treatment by using Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur as the cherry and Liquore Strega instead of the Green Chartreuse. And, of course, it’s named in honor of the man, the myth, the legend, the bartender to end all bartenders, Seattle’s own Murray Stenson.