Women in Wine: Somm Smackdown 2017


Somm Smackdown – April 30, 2017

I am so thrilled to be invited to participate in a fantastic event in Seattle: Cochon 555, for the Somm Smack-down. I have the honor of competing against some amazing ladies, as this year all five sommeliers are woman, celebrating Women in Wine!

What is  Cochon 555? It’s a culinary competition to promote local family farming. Five local chefs are each given one whole, heritage breed pig and one week to prepare the “Judge’s Plate” of 6 dishes, A panel of 25 notable judges will select a winner.

Running in tandem with the culinary competition is the national Somm Smack-Down. I’m one of the local Sommeliers / Wine Professionals who have been asked to submit one wine to the competition. The wine pairing will also be evaluated by the judges for its wide-range ability to pair with all the heritage pork dishes prepared by the five competing chefs. The judges are made up of celebrated media, chefs, sommeliers, local farmers, and food & beverage champions.

I encourage you all to attend not just for delicious food, wine and cocktails but also because it is for a good cause. One thing I love about what I get to do at Tutta Bella is connect guests and staff with wine, and I really believe that it builds community and connects people in so many different ways. One of Tutta Bella’s values is to make a difference and inspire others within the community, this is something that drives me everyday. Any time there is an opportunity to support our community, I love to get involved.

PLUS – you get to go try over 30 delicious pork dishes, there will be local wine makers, a cocktail competition and wines paired for you. I really can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday. A portion of the proceeds are donated to piggybank, a non profit supporting local farmers. Need I say more?! I am looking forward to seeing all of the amazing dishes prepared, and the wines that are presented. And of course, seeing folks enjoy the wine I have chosen, I won’t spoil anything but of course it is Italian, and I think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised with this one!


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Hayley Black

Hayley’s fierce passion for the history and stories of Italian wine has been the driving force behind her career.

“When you have a passion for wine paired with a desire to discover, you will spend a lifetime learning. I fell in love with wine through the joy of shared experience. This creates a community, whether it be among those studying alongside you or with those you are enjoying a glass of wine with at dinner. This community is always evolving as you share these moments with one another. I am dedicated to helping others feel welcome, and guiding them through their perfect experience with wine.”

Hayley is one of 61 individuals around the world certified by Vinitaly International Academy as an Italian Wine Ambassador. She is also a Level 3 Advanced Sommelier certified by Wine and Spirit Education Trust, a London based organization regarded as one of the world’s leading provider of wine education.