Wine Special: Salento Primitivo  MASSERIA LI VELI – Puglia

full body, aromas of ripe red fruit and cherry, cinnamon and nutmeg, long and soft finish 10 | 14 | 40

Primitivo…perfect pizza wine! One of Puglias more common varietals, Primitivo is the twin varietal of California Zinfandel, meaning they are one and the same. Primitivo tastes of dark fruit like fresh figs, blueberries and baked blackberries. Theres a distinct dried fruit-leather character to it as well. 

The word Primitivo doesnt mean primitive in Italian, but means early ripening. Since these grapes accumulate a lot of sugar early in the season, they are one of the first to be harvested. The early ripening results in a wine that is big, luscious and full of fruit. However, whats fascinating about Primitivo is that sometimes the grape bunches ripen unevenly, so green grapes will be harvested along with the ripe ones.

Lindsey Winery

This diva of a wine is often found blended with its Puglia sister wine, Negroamaro. Though it is also highly sought after as a single bottling, both for its generous fruit and spicy notes alongside its higher alcohol content and instantly approachable mouth feel. Lower in acidity and modest tannins, this is a wine to be enjoyed by all types and perfectly paired with Neapolitan pizza.

  • PRODUCER: Masseria Li Veli
  • VARIETAL: 100% Primitivo
  • AGING: 6 months in French oak barriques
  • COLOR: Intense and bright ruby
  • TASTE: Full body, aroma of ripe red fruit and cherry with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, long and soft finish. Refreshing acidity makes for a fresh and pleasant pairing.