Wine Special: Red Blend iToscani  Oliviero Toscani - Tuscany


Red Blend iToscani, Oliviero Toscani – Tuscany

Since opening in 2004, Tutta Bella has been able to share many special stories, ingredients and dishes with our guests based on the relationships we’ve formed, and this wine is a perfect example! Last year, when sitting for my Italian Wine Ambassador exams in Verona, I met some incredible people from all around the world. Fifty students spent every waking moment studying wine in each other’s company — hours of class, meals and tastings. On day one, we were acquaintances, but a week later, we were great friends who relied on each other for questions, guidance, support and sometimes a very much need Aperol Spritz break! I made some lifetime friends and colleagues on this journey and one in particular, Eliza, of Oliviero Toscani Winery. We immediately became fast friends, as we share many passions, but most importantly wine and unicorns. I like to think of her as my unicorn soul sister! We kept in touch, so when I returned to Italy in July, I extended my stay to go visit her for a few days in Tuscany at the winery.

Casale Marittimo is a special patch of land between the towns of Volterra and Bolgheri, and this is where Oliviero Toscani Winery is found. Oliviero Toscani is internationally recognized for his innovation in advertising, photography and cinema. And this is where he has called this town home since the 60’s, creating his own farm. The estate is home to a world renowned quarter horse breeding facility, acorn fed Cinta Senese pigs that are cured in Parma, homing pigeons, over 4,000 olive trees and of course…Syrah! The Toscani family spent a lot of time figuring out which grapes would grow best, and how it should be planted. The decision was Syrah grapes, followed by a few other types soon after, and vineyards were planted facing the Tuscan coast. Rocco Toscani, Oliverio’s son, soon left his succesful carreer (he was a 3rd generation photographer) to get involved in the winery, continuing working with his creativity in a different way. He started to get really innovative working on new ways to showcase Syrah, and that is how the wine iToscani came to be.

Although these wines were imported to America, they were not available in Washington State. I wanted to help find a way to share these wines with our guests. Especially to showcase a different representation of a favorite wine varietal of us Washingtonians and the story of such a special place. After some months of coordinating, a visit from Rocco Toscani to Seattle, this wine has landed in the Pacific Northwest exclusively at Tutta Bella for you to enjoy. It is paired with our Pancetta e Pomodoro pizza, and I could not think of a better way to showcase this wine with salty delicious pancetta and the sweet savory tomatoes to complement the fresh dark fruit and currant in this wine. As you enjoy this wine, my wish is that you can also picture this lovely place and the beautiful people who work there!

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Hayley Black

Hayley’s fierce passion for the history and stories of Italian wine has been the driving force behind her career.

“When you have a passion for wine paired with a desire to discover, you will spend a lifetime learning. I fell in love with wine through the joy of shared experience. This creates a community, whether it be among those studying alongside you or with those you are enjoying a glass of wine with at dinner. This community is always evolving as you share these moments with one another. I am dedicated to helping others feel welcome, and guiding them through their perfect experience with wine.”

Hayley is one of 61 individuals around the world certified by Vinitaly International Academy as an Italian Wine Ambassador. She is also a Level 3 Advanced Sommelier certified by Wine and Spirit Education Trust, a London based organization regarded as one of the world’s leading provider of wine education.