Wine Special: Lacrima di Morro d’Alba FILODIVINO – Marche

full body with rich aromatic violets and roses, notes of forest fruits and wild strawberries, soft and refined tannin

10 | 14 | 40

Available through December 30, 2018

December’s featured wine takes us on a trip to the Marche region, located in the central east coast of Italy, just along the Adriatic Sea. A little know native varietal for the Marche region, Lacrima is making a big resurgence as the once widely produced aromatic red grape makes its way back into the marketplace.

Lacrima is known for its thick skin rich in polyphenols. Despite this, it is an incredibly delicate grape. It is not uncommon for the skin to break easily after heavy rainfall, allowing liquid to seep out from the flesh. As they ripen, the grapes appear to shed tears; hence the name Lacrima, Italian for tears.

This variety was once very common throughout Le Marche and its neighboring regions. However, due to its delicate nature and difficulty to manage during ripening, its early bud break that leaves the buds susceptible to damage by late frosts, and its low yield, production of this varietal fell in favor of less noble and more profitable plants. In 1985, thanks to the efforts of local winemakers, Lacrima was given DOC status. From just a few initial vines, there are now over 250 hectares dedicated to this variety.

A stunning ruby red color with violet hues, it has an intense aroma of red rose petals, violets and forest fruits. Lacrima, with its unique fragrance and assertive flavor that made it so popular during the late middle ages, is making a comeback.

VARIETAL: 100% Lacrima di Morro d’Alba

AGING: 6 months on lees in stainless steel tanks


Color: Intense red with shades of purple

Aroma: Fragrant violets, dog roses, currants, blackberry and blueberry

Taste: Rich aromatics, full mouth feel softened by scents of forest fruits, wild strawberries, soft and refined tannins