Wine Special:  2014 Nero d’Avola Red Blend − Sicily


2014 Nero d’Avola Red Blend, Donnafugata “Sedàra” − Sicily

This wine is bursting with fruit, notes of fresh plums and bing cherries with a spicy black pepper note and silk soft tannins rounding out in the finish. It’s a perfect match with the nutty, bitterness of the rapini on our Salciccia e Rapini Pizza special. The Sedara blend is made with 90% Nero d’Avola, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Merlot, and 2% Syrah. It is a perfect every day drinking red wine, with great balance making it very versatile for food pairings.

Nero D’Avola has been grown and produced in Sicily for centuries, and is now grown all over the Island. It was originally exported to France to bulk up their lighter red wines, providing color and alcohol. If you ask a local producer’s grandparents about their youth, many would share their memories of going to the local port to watch the ships filled with Nero D’Avola grapes being shipped off shore.

This grape was not commonly known outside of Italy until the 80’s and is now Sicily’s second most common grape cultivar, and the third most planted variety on the Island.

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Hayley Black

Hayley’s fierce passion for the history and stories of Italian wine has been the driving force behind her career.

“When you have a passion for wine paired with a desire to discover, you will spend a lifetime learning. I fell in love with wine through the joy of shared experience. This creates a community, whether it be among those studying alongside you or with those you are enjoying a glass of wine with at dinner. This community is always evolving as you share these moments with one another. I am dedicated to helping others feel welcome, and guiding them through their perfect experience with wine.”

Hayley is one of 61 individuals around the world certified by Vinitaly International Academy as an Italian Wine Ambassador. She is also a Level 3 Advanced Sommelier certified by Wine and Spirit Education Trust, a London based organization regarded as one of the world’s leading provider of wine education.