Wine: Piedirosso IOVINE – Campania

full body, supple notes of ripe plum and wild cherry, velvety soft tannins

10 | 14 | 40

Special valid 12.31.2018 through 1.27.2019

What better to pair a pizza with than a wine that comes from the same region! This month, we take a trip down south to Campania, the birthplace of our beloved Sausage and Rapini pizza and some amazing unique wines to match.

Piedirosso is an ancient black-skinned grape varietal native to Campania. While it was widely produced in the 19th century, it is lesser known today. But like many ancient grapes, it is making a comeback. Piedirosso means “little red feet” in Italian for the stems made of three russet red branches resembling a dove’s foot.

Vines are grown in the volcanic soil of Mt. Vesuvius, making for striking flavors that are soft and well-rounded with great complexity. A subtle minerality and almost salty like characteristic can be noticed in many wines, showing strong terroir attributed to the volcanic soils. The finished product shines with notes of plum, cherry and wild bramble berry.

Often found as a blending grape to Aglianico to soften its strong tannins, more often we are finding this wine as a single varietal in the market place. A wonderful compliment to Neapolitan style cuisine, this wine is sure to please any pallet.

The members of the Iovine family have been viticulturists and produced wine for four generations since 1890, owning most of their vineyards in the Sorrento Peninsula.

VARIETAL: 100% Pompeian Piedirosso

AGING: Vinification and maturation in stainless steel


Color: Intense ruby red

Aroma: Rich aromas, young fresh fruits, geraniums and red flowers

Taste: Full mouth feel, supple notes of ripe plum and wild cherry, velvety soft tannins