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Our Goal: 100% Guest Satisfaction

We want our guests to always be 100% satisfied with our welcoming service and handcrafted Italian fare. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience, every time. If at any point we haven’t fulfilled this promise, we would be grateful for your feedback and we will make it right. Here are two easy ways to provide feedback:

–  When at a Tutta Bella restaurant, ask to speak to a manager
–  After your visit, send a manager your feedback by clicking on the location where you dined and filling out a quick form



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Note From Joe: Return To Tipping

Effective immediately we are ending the Service Charge model that we started in July 2016 and reverting back to our previous staff compensation model of tip pooling. That means there will be no applied Service Charge to dine in or take out orders. Now our guests will have the opportunity to leave a cash tip or write in a tip on their credit card receipt. Our dining room team will continue to work collaboratively and share these tips through a tip pooling model that we have had in place since our first restaurant opened in 2004. Our kitchen team will be paid a higher wage and not receive compensation via the tip pool.

We have often been a leader in various industry and small business initiatives that have benefited our employees and been embraced by our guests. This will continue to be our goal.

Thank you for your patience and support during this transition.

Best – Joe Fugere, Founder


Additional Details

Why change back?

We had expected that this non-gratuity approach would become more commonplace due to legislation and social trends, but instead many of the industry regulations around restaurant employee compensation are on hold while awaiting final rulings. Therefore, most other restaurants have stayed with traditional tipping. With the outcome from the courts still undetermined, we decided to revert back to what is currently the norm and preferred by some of our guests.

What will happen in the future?

We will be keeping close watch on the legislation, communicating with our peers in the industry and checking in with our guests to determine how to be one of the best restaurant employers along with providing stellar handcrafted Italian fare and service. Although we are returning to traditional tipping, we believe that non-gratuity policies could have positive impacts on our industry and we will reassess what is best for our employees and guests in the future.  

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