Pomodoro Perfection! - Now at PCC



Tomatoes grown in the volcanic fields of Mount Vesuvius are the foundation of authentic Neapolitan pizza and Italian dishes. Thanks to a new partnership with PCC Natural Markets, culinary fans of the famous Pomodoro di Napoli (The Tomato of Naples) and Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria can bring this authentic taste home to their own kitchens.

Tutta Bella’s 28 oz. can sells for $2.99 and is available exclusively at all PCC locations.

“Tutta Bella has a tradition of sourcing and benchmarking the finest ingredients and recipes for our pizzerias. When it comes to tomatoes, we took this responsibility so seriously that we decided to put our name on the can,” said Tutta Bella Founder Joe Fugere and Executive Chef Brian Gojdics. “We are thrilled and thankful to join with PCC to offer some of the most amazing plum tomatoes on the planet.”


Our Executive Chef spent a recent evening at PCC in Edmonds sharing a taste of minestrone soup with shoppers. He quickly cooked up a fresh pot of soup that featured these canned plum tomatoes and other quality ingredients from the store. The recipe is available to download here!

Brian Gojdics

Italian food has always played a role in Brian’s life in some capacity or another. Where he grew up in NE Ohio, families from Sicily, Naples and Abruzzo dominated the local Italian restaurant scene and he became inspired by their culinary traditions and flavors. Brian migrated west to Seattle and was hired as a cook when Tutta Bella opened its doors in 2004. He is now the Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage with responsibility over all menu development. Brian is one of the first three, and the first American, recognized by the AVPN as a Senior Pizzaiolo and has spent countless hours training with many master pizzaioli in Naples and across the United States. Brian and Tutta Bella’s owner still meet every Friday morning to explore and share new ingredients and recipes.