Pizza Special: Umbria


When explorers returned to the Old World from exploring the Americas in the late 1400s, they brought back a handful of new things that the Old World had never laid eyes upon. Amongst these treasures were tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. In modern times, you will find that we like to celebrate these foods at Tutta Bella. Obviously, tomatoes top our list — showcased daily on our pizzas and right smack dab in the middle of the Tutta Bella logo. A little less obvious is how we celebrate peppers. These are also popular on our pizzas especially because of my fondness for Mama Lil’s peppers (which were inspired by restaurants from my hometown in Ohio). The potato, on the other hand, is an ingredient that we only profile annually on a pizza. And, when we do, it causes a lot of excitement!

Every year when the weather starts to cool, it is time for us to share our perfect potato pizza–the Umbria–with all of you. This rich and hearty pizza starts off with an extra virgin olive oil base and is topped with red skin potatoes cooked in cream with garlic, onions and fresh herbs. It’s finished off with pancetta and pecorino romano to make it truly decadent!

Join us for this savory crowd-pleaser this holiday season!

— Tutta Bella Executive Chef, Brian Gojdics