Pizza Special: Pizza di Tartufaio


I was visiting our friend and Master Pizzaiolo, Roberto Caporuscio, a few years ago in NYC when he casually mentioned that he needed to go buy some truffles. He asked if I wanted to tag along and I was game for sure, so off we went! I was thinking that we were going to some unnamed alley where a car would be parked with a person selling truffles out of their trunk (believe me, it happens quite often). Little did I know that we were heading to a concrete fortress in the middle of Manhattan that is home to Urbani Truffles, one of the most prestigious truffle companies in the world. After we got buzzed in and passed the heavily armed security guards, it hit me. I was joyously overwhelmed with the musty funk of fresh truffles. I’ve never experienced anything like it! And, granted to say, this was not going to be any shady deal going down in a back alley!

After a tour of the building, which included seeing, holding and smelling literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of white and black truffles, I was introduced to a few other products including Urbani’s White Truffle and Porcini blend. Flash forward, this blend is now the highlighted ingredient in our current special, Pizza di Tartufaio, the Truffle Hunter’s Pizza.

Pizza di Tartufaio starts off with stracciatella that has been mixed with white truffle and porcini from Urbani. We then add roasted mushrooms and a fresh egg because of the delectably classic combo of egg and truffle. Into the inferno it goes and, after 90 seconds, the Pizza di Tartufaio gets pulled from the oven only to be adorned with prosciutto di Parma and arugula. One word…DECADENT! It is rich and delicious and what’s not to love about truffle-y, egg-y, prosciutto-y goodness?! Right?!

Come celebrate the holiday season with the Truffle Hunter’s pizza! We will be running the Pizza di Tartufaio from November 28th – December 23rd (we’re closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). You better hurry, though, as when the when the holidays end, so will this special pizza!

− Tutta Bella Executive Chef, Brian Gojdics