Pizza Special: La Pizza Pazza


….. The Crazy Pizza

‘Nduja is an interesting ingredient that has been silently spreading itself across menus here in Seattle and the rest of the country in the recent past. Maybe you have heard of it or have been fortunate enough to have tried it? For those of who are new to ‘nduja (pronounced en-doo-yah), it is a soft, spreadable salami that hails from the region of Calabria where fresh and dried chiles find their way into many different foods including this salami. ‘Nduja is a pork-based salami that is seasoned with Calabrian chile powder and then fermented like all salami. The result is a rich, slightly spicy, smoky deliciousness that is a highlight of La Pizza Pazza.

But the story continues! We start La Pizza Pazza with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, ricotta cheese and ‘nduja. Next, we add fresh jalapenos to give it a bit of kick (we will happily remove them if you don’t like spicy) as I have always loved jalapenos with their bright green, grassy flavor and heat. So good! And, now for the “crazy” part. After we pull the pizza from our wood fired ovens, we drizzle it with a bit of Washington State honey. What?! Honey on pizza?! Really?! All I can say is trust me on this one. It is truly divine and hits all the flavor notes – salty and smoky from the ‘nduja, spiciness from the jalapenos, creaminess from the cheese and a touch of sweetness from the honey to tie it all together. The synergistic effect is amazing and you HAVE TO TRY THIS PIZZA!

Come one and come all to try this “crazy” pizza! You will not be disappointed! But, come quick as we will only be running La Pizza Pazza from October 31st – November 27th. Enjoy!

— Tutta Bella Executive Chef, Brian Gojdics