Pizza Special: Florentina

Pizza Special: Florentina


fresh cream, mozzarella and provola blend, walla walla sweet onions, arugula, pancetta, grana padano

14.5 | 18.5

We are incredibly excited about the Florentina pizza and the opportunity to showcase the Walla Walla sweet onion.  This pizza was inspired in part by cream that I have seen drizzled on pizzas in both Italy and Philadelphia.

Fooling around one day, I created a pizza with a bit of house cheese, a handful of a fresh arugula, some fresh cream and Pecorino Romano. I never thought on the first poke that the pizza would turn out as amazing as it did! It was damn tasty, but still needed a little something.

Being the huge fan of onions that I am, it made sense to use Walla Walla sweets because they are in season. So, they found their way on to this pizza. Next came the addition of pancetta and it was off the hook!

Florentina has been a hit with everyone who has sampled it so we’ve taken it live through July 15. Let us know what you think.

~ Chef Brian Gojdics