Pizza Special: Filomena


Our founder’s great-grandparents, Pietro and Filomena emigrated from Italy in 1911 and settled in Seattle. Joe and his great-grandmother never shared a common language so they didn’t easily communicate with words. But, he always remembers the big smile on her face each spring when she planted and tended to the fruits and vegetables in her garden in the Beacon Hill neighborhood (just a couple of miles from our Columbia City location).

Like Filomena, many of us find spring to be a joyous season. The gardens that were full of various types of squash, root vegetables and hearty greens now transform with the addition of bright, fresh, green produce.

Therefore, the Filomena is a celebration of the happiness that spring brings and highlights the amazing asparagus that is an abundant crop across the region. In fact, Washington State is second only to California in asparagus production – growing over 18 million pounds across 5,000 acres.

Filomena — extra virgin olive oil, roasted asparagus, onions, ham, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano

The Filomena is only offered for a very short window during the height of the spring asparagus season. The flavors of this pizza have been known to cause big smiles that always remind us of Joe’s great-grandmother. Enjoy the bounty of the season with a Filomena and craft cocktail on one of our sunny patios!

Brian Gojdics

Italian food has always played a role in Brian’s life in some capacity or another. Where he grew up in NE Ohio, families from Sicily, Naples and Abruzzo dominated the local Italian restaurant scene and he became inspired by their culinary traditions and flavors. Brian migrated west to Seattle and was hired as a cook when Tutta Bella opened its doors in 2004. He is now is the Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage with responsibility over all menu development. Brian is one of the first three, and the first American, recognized by the AVPN as a Senior Pizzaiolo and has spent countless hours training with many master pizzaioli in Naples and across the United States. Brian and Tutta Bella’s owner still meet every Friday morning to explore and share new ingredients and recipes.