Pasta Special: Gnocchi with Sausage & Spicy Marinara
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  • spicy marinara
  • pecorino romano
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Keeping true to using Gnocchi Bar gnocchi, we are serving up this month’s pasta special with a spicy marinara and hot Italian sausage. The spicy marinara is a blast from my past and a sauce served in one of the first kitchens I worked in decades ago in NE Ohio. We finely dice and pack red bell peppers and Hungarian hot wax peppers in olive oil for a few days to release their natural oil and heighten the flavor. After a few days soak, they are cooked with our Tutta Bella tomatoes, resulting in a nice and spicy sauce with lots of pepper flavor coming from the hot wax and bell peppers. We add the hot sausage and gnocchi, toss in a little basil and garnish with Pecorino. Soooo delicious!

Brian Gojdics, Executive Chef