2016 Italy Cultural Immersion Tour - The Food


It has become a Tutta Bella tradition every couple of years to take a small group of managers to visit “our roots” in Southern Italy. These highly coveted trips include a handful of managers from various locations and roles in the company. A few of us are just returning to Seattle after a wonderful “cultural immersion” tour of Italy with 5 managers and our owners. This trip is not anything that you could pick up from a tour book because the people and places we visit are based on 12+ years of relationships that we have built starting with the first pizzeria where Joe trained as a pizzaiolo in 2003 before Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria was fully realized (he only had the space in Columbia City). The warmth of our partnerships across the region are very heartwarming and unique – a true testament to the spirt of friendship and family that Joe has fostered over the years.

IMG_4570FullSizeRender (5)We are still jet lagged and also in disbelief about the hospitality of our guests! Yes, there were several stops at amazing, multi-generational pizzerias but also meals with Michelin-rated chefs and some of our friends’ favorite local fish restaurants, gelaterias, pasticcerias and fritti street stands. Here are a few photos of what we were treated to! We will continue to share more of what we learned and infuse our experiences into our daily work. Molto bene!


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