GSBA Scholarship Fund Cocktail Contest

Will you help the Greater Seattle Business Association Scholarship Fund? Your discerning taste is needed to select the signature SVEDKA cocktail for EQUALUX: TASTE of GSBA during this year’s Cocktail Contest Week!

Cocktail Contest Week
August 27 – 31, 2018
Benefiting the GSBA Scholarship Fund

Visit Tutta Bella’s South Lake Union location at 2200 Westlake during this week, order our scholarship-themed cocktail – The Payoff and rate it online. We will donate a portion of the proceeds to the GSBA Scholarship Fund.

GSBA Scholarship Fund Ambassadors will be at Tutta Bella on Wednesday August 29 from 5:30-7:30pm when guest judges will taste and rate the featured cocktail.

The Payoff

  • svedka citron vodka
  • braulio amaro alpino
  • chareau aloe liquor
  • muddled arugula
  • fresh lime
  • cucumber
  • mint sprig
  • $12

Arugula (Eruca Sativa), has been grown and cultivated in the Mediterranean area since Roman times. It is commonly used across Italy in creating pastas, sauces, pizzas and even flavoring olive oil. It is extremely rich in Vitamin C and Potassium.

This refreshing summertime variation on the mojito combines the soft flavors of cucumber and Svedka Citron with the spicy, herbaceous zest of arugula and Braulio Amaro from the Italian Alps. This cocktail takes some extra work on behalf of the bartenders, but we all know that hard work pays off. Get out to Tutta Bella SLU August 27 – 31 and get that green… cocktail!