Cocktail: The Long and Short of It

blended scotch whiskey, nocino walnut liqueur, cardamaro, juiced green apple, fresh lemon, brown sugar & bitters ~ 12

Special valid 12.31.2018 through 1.27.2019

Inspired by the recent winter solstice, this winter cocktail features nocino: a popular Italian liqueur made with hand-picked green walnuts and filled with lots of ancient tradition. According to legend, true nocino can only be made on the eve of June 23rd, the summer solstice and longest day of the year.

In order to be truly pure, the walnuts are picked by barefooted virgins and only in odd quantities. The walnuts are then cut by hand with wooden tools (to prevent oxidation) and left to steep in alcohol, sugar, and spice for no less than 132 days. Over time the vibrant green infusion darkens to black and becomes perfect for consumption just in time for the holidays and…you guessed it… winter solstice (the shortest day of the year).

Nocino is said to heal physical ailments, ease souls in difficult moments, and ward off evil thoughts. Thus, it is a perfect elixir for the new year. This warming apple cocktail combines smoky scotch with the sweet, brown spices of nocino and finished with just a touch of delicate bitterness.