Cocktail for a Cause: Tilde’s Nightcap
  • tutta bella gin
  • zucca rabarbaro amaro
  • campari
  • lillet blanc
  • fresh lemon
  • bitters
  • 12

The annual Negroni Week is coming up next month and bartenders across the United States are shaking up gin, Campari, and vermouth and giving back to important charitable causes across the country.

The week-long event, which runs June 4th to the 10th, uses cocktails to raise money for a range of nonprofits. Since launching in 2013, Negroni Week has raised nearly $1.5 million for charity.

Tutta Bella will feature a special Negroni themed cocktail called Tilde’s Nightcap with proceeds benefiting Slow Food USA.

Tilde’s Nightcap is a variation on the classic Negroni, featuring the Italian Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro. As the story goes, Carlos Zucca, the founder of Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro, discovered a note in an old cash register left by his predecessor’s wife, Tilde. This note contained a handwritten recipe infusion made from Chinese rhubarb rootstocks and other herbs to help with her poor digestion. Included on the note was her husband’s suggestion of adding “just enough alcohol until the mixture contains 30% alc/vol. Zucca would go on to become one of the signature spirits of Milan.

During Negroni Week (June 4-10) ~ $1 of every Tilde’s Nightcap sold goes to Tutta Bella partner Slow Food USA.

Tutta Bella has enjoyed a long partnership with the Seattle chapter of Slow Food USA in part due to their joint commitment to preserve and protect local foods and traditions. The non-profit organization helps support our mission of providing a positive social and environmental impact by sourcing ingredients locally and supporting local farmers.

“We are fully aligned with the values of Slow Food USA,” said Joe Fugere, Founder of Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria. “We’ve been teamed up with Slow Food Seattle since our inception, and remain committed to embracing and practicing all that they stand for.”

Learn more about the work of Slow Food Seattle.