Cocktail Special: The Saint


tutta bella vodka, falanghina white wine, bottega italiana pear gelato, fresh lime juice, pear brandy


In mid-late summer, the Bartlett Pear comes into season. Known for its sweet and aromatic properties, the Bartlett has become the world’s most popular pear. Outside of North America, however, the pear is known as the Williams’ Bon Chrétien Pear.

Italian legend has it that the name Bon Chrétien (Good Christian) was given to the pear after Saint Francis of Paola was called as a healer to the bedside of King Louis XI in 1483. When Saint Francis arrived, he gifted the king a pear seed from his native region of Calabria. While the king still died, the story of the “Good Christian” Saint Francis of Paola still remains to this day.

The Saint cocktail pays homage to the Williams’ Bon Chrétien Pear, using Bottega Italiana gelato and Clear Creek Pear Brandy.  Both products use the Williams’ pear as the main flavoring ingredient.

*Fun fact* Tutta Bella has served Bottega Italiana gelato in our stores since we opened in 2004! Experience it in a cocktail through July 15.