Cocktail Special: The Luna Park

averna italian amaro, appleton estate & sailor jerry rums, brandy, lemon, chocolate bitters  10.5 

As Summer turns to Autumn, local festivals or “sagre” start to pop up across Italy. From wine to chocolate, prosciutto to truffles, the food and liquor celebrated in the fall cannot be beat. The festivals are wonderful cultural experiences even if youre not a big-time foodie. They are truly unique, as the festivals vary vastly from town to town, city to city.

Favorite attractions at most sagre include live music, dancing, and a “luna park” – fun fairs with amusement rides and haunted houses. These traveling luna parks can have up to 150 attractions in bigger cities such as Genoa and Turin. The namesake originated with Coney Islands Luna Park, built in 1903. Since then, hundreds of other amusement parks across the world have opened and borrowed the name, including the one here in West Seattle, opening in 1907 and closing in 1913.

Tutta Bella’s Luna Park cocktail celebrates the warm flavors of the fall in Italy, blended with the excitement and uniqueness of sagre and luna parks everywhere.