Cocktail Special: Eye of The Storm
  • sailor jerry spiced rum
  • ramazzotti amaro
  • elderflower liqueur
  • ginger beer
  • lime
  • orange & aromatic bitters
  • 10.5

Years ago, when I was learning to be a bartender, a customer requested a Dark ‘N Stormy. Since I had never heard of this drink, I had him introduce me to what would quickly become one of my all-time favorites and the inspiration for the Eye of the Storm cocktail.

As history has it, Englishman and son of a spirit merchant, James Gosling, set off for America in 1806.  After months at sea and barely surviving a brutal storm in the North Atlantic, Gosling found shelter in St. Georges, Bermuda and decided to stay for a while. This is where he first concocted an aged black rum which would eventually become the Goslings Black Strap Rum that is sold today.

Royal Navy officers would combine the rum with ginger beer to avoid seasickness. When mixed together, the colors blended to create something “the color of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under.”

This cocktail is my take on the Dark ‘N Stormy, featuring Ramazzotti Amaro for an Italian flare, St. Germain Elderflower for complexity, and bitters for an ominous splash of color.

May we all find the calm in the eye of the storm!

-Imari Calkins, Front of House Manager, Columbia City